How to enable face detection

Ive purchased the Dome U camera which comes with face detection but doesn’t seem to be working or detecting any faces. How to enable it?

Hey @ajimix great questions! Thanks for coming to the forum for so help.

Begin by selecting the settings icon on the bottom right of the camera you’d like to active Face Detection.

If brought to the specific camera view, hit settings on the bottom right of the menu.

Under the section Smart Detection, You’ll see, “Settings”.

From this menu, you will be able to activate Face Detection.

Please let us know how it goes or if there are any other issues.

Inside Smart Detection I only see “Motion Detection”, “Human Detection” and “Sound Detection” but no “Face Detection”


Inside Smart Detection I only see “Motion Detection”, “Human Detection” and “Sound Detection” but no “Face Detection”

@PippaKeeves do you also have our KamiBaby monitor?

No only the YI Dome 180 on the YI Home App

The reason I ask @PippaKeeves is because the screenshot you shared has “Baby Cry Detection” showing - is this the case?

Seems to be, but I scanned the QR code on the device when it asked which one it was and the attached photo it the box

Hmmm @PippaKeeves that is strange… You shouldn’t have that option. This may need to be escalated with our customer support team. I am going to send you a direct message.

I also have the same options like @PippaKeeves screenshot on the same camera Dome 1080p.

I cannot recall seeing this baby sound setting previously but there is no abnormal sound detection setting.

Checking the product listing for the camera on Amazon UK the following is stated:

“SMART DETECTION & TRACKING WITH PUSH NOTIFICATIONS - Motion detection with 6 second video-clip - Motion tracking with 10 seconds video-clip - Baby crying detection - Push notifications on smartphone with adjustable frequency and sensitivity level via YI Home app”

… would this suggest the setting is correct ?

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Hi, @ajimix Sorry about the frustration. Please try these steps.

1.Launch your Mobile App
2.Tap the “Hexagon Icon” on the desired camera.
3.Tap “Settings”
4.Toggle “Activity zone”(and it will give you the option to enable the face detection and will send you a push notification)

Hope it helps. :blush:

@PippaKeeves did this help? :point_up_2: