How to Download video from SD card to PC Hard Drive

I would like to download a video captured on the SD card to my PC hard drive. I’m accessing the camera’s video from the yi PC application.

Could you place the SD card into an adapter and directly into your computer?

I tried that and the SD card wouldn’t read. It reacted as if there was a write protection on the SD card. Thanks for the suggestion.

Is your computer a Mac? If so I have had the same experience. Not heard any issues with windows.

I’m not sure if you could usb connect the camera to the computer directly and read the card. Something I have not tried.

@khawkins2001 this might an issue with the Mac. They can be funny.

I would recommend following YorkShire guidance and try connecting the camera directly to the computer.

Or if you have a pc available, you can download the footage and send yourself the file.
Let me do a little digging around here to see if we have any troubleshooting recommendations for this.

Hope you’re having a good one! Keep us posted :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, I would like to go a step further with this - I have my YI Home camera set to record 24x7 and want to know if you can actually access the video files on the sd card directly from a windows10 machine, without taking the card out of the camera?

I found the ip of the camera connected to my router and I can ping the camera from Windows, getting a response, I just don’t know how to view the files on the card, if that’s possible?

Thank you and I hope the usb connection to the camera solution works for @khawkins2001. I will have to try that one day too out of curiosity.

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I have the same desire here as well, all I can find is to use network video recording software, like iSpy, or other similar tools to record direct to PC and not to the SD card. Would love some help on your questions as well, please let me know if you found the solution!

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Hey @JETTLIFETech Thanks for coming to the community. A good place to find answers and learn a little bit more from others with similar questions.

At this time, we are very mobile heavy and do not have a way of downloading directly to PC without using an SD card. You can store on your SD card and download directly to your computer. Or you can use cloud, download your clips to a drive and access them from your computer.

These are the only ways at this time to download directly to a computer.

How do you safely eject the card from the camera?

Hey @Mikeathome Just give the SD card a little push in and it will pop out :slight_smile: there is no “eject” button in the app it is a manual push.

Just be careful when you’re trying to get micro card out don’t force it just a gentle push

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