How to download 10-30second video clips or edit downloaded videos

Everytime I go to download a video clip I have the option to download up to 10 minutes of video. When I try to “close” the video length brackets the shortest time interval it allows is around 7 minutes.
If I only want to save 10 seconds of a clip I am now stuck with about 7 minutes of video. This adds to my cloud storage and is annoying to locate the exact 10 seconds I wanted.
Is there a way to download shorter interval clips or is there a way to edit my downloaded videos to remove all the unwanted video.

Hello @Bwieber57!
You can tap/hold the timeline to expand the timeline from hours to minutes. That way you can download the videos you want within a specific timeframe.

Hope this helps!

Thank you @Alvin_Kami. This helped to get down to a minute but now everytime I go to download it says download failed. Guess long clips it will be for now.