How to disable IR lens switching (annoing sound at the morning 30 times)

How is possible do disable Night vision mode completely? Not just LEDs, but switching lenses with clicking sound. Because at the morning clicking noise is too loud and camera switch many times (30 times) depends on light (clouds, tree, sun).

From the yi or Kami app, from the camera in question tap the settings cog on the bottom right of the camera preview, then tap device settings and slide the switch for night vision ir light to the left

I don’t want to disable IR LED, but IR switching lens, as I wrote in description. Switching IR LED to off didn’t help with clicking noise :slight_smile:

Camera: Yi Home 1080p

Apologies, i thought the clicking was some kind of power relay switching on the ir lights, had not realised there was some kind of lens adjustment. Mine are silent with ir off, but unable to see anything at night when thats the case.

It’s not related to IR LEDs, I have disabled leds, it’s related to switching camera to Black & White mode.

it make clicking noise when IR is off, you can check on video here:

Hey @mtrakal it’s not possible to stop the camera switching to night vision.

Yes I can hear the camera in my bedroom that point out the window switching back and forth every morning at sunrise - this could be improved with software updates

Hey @Archer, welcome to the forum! Generally, we recommend not pointing an indoor camera out a window, as they can the issue that you are describing, or trouble with the motion detection, or IR light reflecting back etc.

@mtrakal have you been able to get rid of the clicking sound? I have the same issue.

Hello. This is not an issue but how this type of technology works. I would say it is very normal and happens on many types of auto night vision cameras, some priced at much more than the Yi/Kami range.

What the clicking sound is, a the mechanical filter that filters out non-IR light from entering the lens. The cameras all need a physical filter in front of the camera lens that works in conjunction with IR lighting.

To answer it more technically:

The clicking sound is normal for microbolometer-based cameras. It is a result of the camera’s non-uniformity correction, or NUC. What you actually hear is the camera’s internal shutter moving in front of the detector for a brief instant.

So what happens is it adjusts for minor detector drift that occurs as the scene and environment change. Therefore the clicking sound is normal for microbolometer-based cameras. It is a result of the camera’s non-uniformity correction.

If you have it pointing out of a window to view externally. That will not help your situation.

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@microkom Yorkshire is correct. It’s a mechanical sound. You can reduce the number of times the lens switches are the better camera placement


It defeats the purpose of a security camera if it makes noise. I would be okay with just audio. Can I do something to stop the noise?

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No it is his this type of technology works. And it isn’t all the time it is just during that period when daylight moves to night. I have two in my living room - one looking out of the window and it happens all the time. For me barely noticeable and maybe for about 29-30 seconds.

It is not just a Yi/Kami camera thing this. It’s a technology.

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@YorkshireUser is correct. Its a function of the how the technology works. For me, I notice the camera switching back and forth early in the morning when the sun is starting to come up. Light exposure changes. Or, in the evening time, after the sun as already set, when I start adjusting the lighting inside my home. I see an increase in the clicking sound reported. It’s simply the camera attempting to find the best setting for the given light exposure.

@Carolyn May I ask where the camera is located in your home?

@Carolyn if you are OK with just audio then you could put some duct tape or similar over the camera lense so that it will never switch out of night vision since it won’t see any light and therefore not make the clicking noise. Just use care to avoid covering the small hole for the microphone so that it still picks up the audio.

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