How do you pause live recording?

Hi have a Yi Home Dome and was wondering how do you pause the camera from recording Live other than switching it off from the power supply?
I can see the Pause option when you click on the live video but it just appears to pause the live feed on the app and not pause the recording to my SD card.

Hey @BenS Thanks for coming to the community forum! Glad to have you.

Is the SD card option selected when viewing the recordings? When on the camera live feed, above the big red “Live” button.

I have 10 Yi 1080 Cameras but not a dome. But on mine, first of all, I selected on the menu below the word Storage to record on my SD card continuously. When you view a camera you have Live view, activity detected view and SD card view. In the live view you cannot pause it because it is live, as for the detected activity you select, you can pause it and play. In the SD card view you can also pause it and play. If you have the cloud you can select, play complete video. For some unknown reason it does not always upload the whole video, it seems to be a quirk in the system so than I rely on the SD card. It seems to work good enough that I don’t need to make a complaint as long as I still have video on my SD card.

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Thanks for your sharing your feedback @Ken1 will be helpful for others

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Thankyou so much for sharing this.

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