HomeKit integration for all cameras

A HomeKit integration would be a great addon to the current line up. Will save a lot of time Of going into the yi app every time a motion is detected and serve the purpose for proper surveillance.


Thank you @MattiB :clap: :sunglasses:

Hey @MattiB I checked with the product team and it looks like HomeKit support is not in the pipeline for the near future. It sounds like there hasn’t been much demand for this integration. Sorry!

That’s too bad. With the smoothness and features your cameras have, there would likely be a lot of interest from the HomeKit community.

I would love to see HomeKit integration.

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Thanks @Adam! Another vote for HomeKit recorded :+1:

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Another vote for HomeKit support from me :slight_smile:

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:writing_hand: Noted! Thanks @mariosc!

Yes… I would love to see too… please take a note to my vote.

Thanks @Juarezpj I’ve noted your support for HomeKit also!

I’ll create a forum poll so we can get an idea of what integration we should be targeting next.

I’d like to add another vote for homekit support. Would be nice to create automations with my yi cameras or be able to see my cameras on my apple tv with the new apple tv integrations.

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Hey @cardwink, noted! And thanks for joining the forum :slight_smile:

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@Kami_Mark Count another vote from me for HomeKit integration! I’ve had YI cameras for months now (birthday gift) and they’ve been sitting in a closet because they don’t have HomeKit.

It’s software based now, so you don’t need to build in the extra security hardware Apple used to require. So even older cameras can be integrated.

Lastly, if you’re worried about a lack of interest, slap your brand on Apple’s HomeKit supported devices website.

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Sounds good to me. I’ll flick the product team a link to this thread. Thanks!

Another one for homekit integration, I have 5 cameras, ordered 2 more. please make life easy for us

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Please, please, please integrate HomeKit. If no-one is asking that is because they don’t know about the technology.

Lets go. Tired of waiting.

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@microtard Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the community!

We greatly appreciate your interest in helping us improve. An integrated HomeKit seems to be something becoming more requested over the past month or two. I’ll follow up on this thread with more information.

Thanks for the patience and support!

another vote for HomeKit integration. Have 2 Yi cameras, expect to buy 2 more cameras in next year but will limit to Homekit integrated.


HomeKit would be great instead of buying new camera from other brands…


HomeKit is a must from now on, since I have multiple cameras around the house unfortunately I have to put my YI cams in the box and switch to Eufy or Aqara cams.
I guess it’s depends on YI company is they would update to support HomeKit or not.

@Billthayes1 @ChriGaMi @newnour1 Welcome to the community, people! We are so glad to have you. Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate it greatly. Please stick around, learn & share!

At this time, a HomeKit integration is not on our priority list. We have some great software upgrades coming out very, very soon that we are working hard on.