HomeKit integration for all cameras

A HomeKit integration would be a great addon to the current line up. Will save a lot of time Of going into the yi app every time a motion is detected and serve the purpose for proper surveillance.

Yeah, that would be really nice! According to TechManager Samuel they have a target to support it around 3rd quarter of 2020.

Thank you @MattiB :clap: :sunglasses:

Hi @TechManager, got an update about HomeKit support? Can we expect it in Q3 2020?

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Hey @MattiB I checked with the product team and it looks like HomeKit support is not in the pipeline for the near future. It sounds like there hasn’t been much demand for this integration. Sorry!

That’s too bad. With the smoothness and features your cameras have, there would likely be a lot of interest from the HomeKit community.

I would love to see HomeKit integration.

Thanks @Adam! Another vote for HomeKit recorded :+1:

Another vote for HomeKit support from me :slight_smile:

:writing_hand: Noted! Thanks @mariosc!

Yes… I would love to see too… please take a note to my vote.

Thanks @Juarezpj I’ve noted your support for HomeKit also!

I’ll create a forum poll so we can get an idea of what integration we should be targeting next.