Home Away Settings - scroll down not possible with multiple cameras (more than 6)

Hi Folks

@Sarah_Kami @Steven_Kami it seems we have a brand new bug in the list.

When accessing Home / Away settings it is impossible to scroll down and access all my camera (I have more than 10) to check or uncheck Home Away feature … only the first 6 camera are vi0sible and then impossible to access to the other checkboxes for the rest of my camera (or I have to rename each to make it appear on top of the list - what an end user experience). I guess this is also partially due to the new very box that allows to enable Home away feature which is fully disproportionate on the screen (1/3 of the screen).

Please fix that in next application release.

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Customer satisfaction is a priority for Kami Home and we provide 24/7 customer support to our users. We regret that you had an unpleasant experience. Please send us a screenshot of the issue and reach out to us at the email listed below so our customer support can help you out: support@yitechnology.com

Adding the picture here in the interest of other members - as you can see there is no scroll down bar and scrolling with finger doesn’t work so I can’t access all my camera check box for home/away feature

The same problem here, with 5 cams

And now on top I have a few done camera for which the home away doesn’t work anymore or in fact it works but does not show proper status on detection toggle when off …. Disappointing to see such poor regression testing with the break out of basis features that used to work

@Sara @Sarah_Kami @Steven_Kami

Since today another issue came again on top of this feature limitation: when switching to AWAY all my indoor camera are not switching on smart detection anymore.
If I do it manually and then switch HOME then it turns it off.

But AWAY doesn’t work anymore and doesn’t turn on anymore smart detection for all camera.

Are you working on a fix also?