Home/away Mode and notifications

Why do I still get notifications in home mode. Using an iPhone X
I haven’t had much help from support at YI wondered if anyone else had issues.
Please help!

Greetings @Ley, Sorry to hear that you’re still getting notified in Home mode. Kindly try to check the settings in the YI Home application. When the Home mode is enabled the person will not receive a notification to the phone or alert in the app.
To enable Away mode, a camera must be selected in the Home/Away Mode Setting. On the Home, screen click on Discover.
Then select Home/Away Mode. Select the camera and confirm. Click on Home. Now you can select Away mode.
When Away mode is enabled the person will receive a notification to the phone and alert to the app.
When there is motion in front of the camera, an alert will be sent to the app saying, “Alarm Triggered!”

Hey Ley! In choosing the HOME mode, you will not receive a PUSH notification when the app is not open, but you will still receive an In-App notification.

Hello thanks for this however this is not what happens with my app. I’ve tried with both the YI and Kami app.
Same thing happens when in HOME mode and there is activity in front of cameras I get a notification on my iPhone. The same as in AWAy mode.
Any suggestions how to fix this please

I’m afraid this doesn’t work. I get notifications of activity when in home mode :thinking:

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Hey Ley! That must be frustrating! Your concern is very odd. Kindly uninstall and reinstall the application.

Yes very frustrating
I have done the uninstall and reinstall
Still the same issue !

I sent you a private message. Kindly check

Actually this happens constantly for us. No matter which phone the app is on we get push notifications even in home mode. Our only solution has been to set custom alerts without setting an actual time frame to be alerted. It’s annoying and disappointing.

Hi interested to hear that as the support from YI and Kami don’t seem to understand my issue.
So if you set a customised alert do you get alerts if you switch to away mode during this time?
I’m getting alerts when in home mode and it was set to 24/7.
I have got round it y turning notifications off in the app in my phone but that is along winded thing todo every time you want to switch alerts on when you leave home…
Can you explain how your workaround works?

@JR3219 @Ley We appreciate your feedback. No worries, we will run an investigation of what is the root cause of the issue and provide a resolution.

I’m still struggling with this issue
I tried uninstalling the app, deleting cameras and reinstalling everything - same issue !
Why ? It’s simple home means no notifications, yet it keeps sending them to me
So frustrating.

May I please have your email address, let me escalate your concern to the support team.

@Ley I have the same problem.
My camera model is: YI Dome Guard.
And it is my second camera. My first camera stop working during 1 day, but it also had the same problem.
Now I received the replacement (new camera) and made all neccessary setting:
I am trying to use this camera for my baby. So I am using only noise setting.
When my baby is sleeping I’d like to receive notification alert.
But then I need to turn off ALL notifications, so I press “Home” mode, but I still receive notifictions alert. I tried everything…
It is rather annoying.
So I even have to turn off camera. It’s not good decision ((((
How to make Home|Away working correctly?
@Kami_Anne any suggestions?

I finally worked out the issue
In the settings for the camera under smart detection ensure you have motion and sound settings turned off.at all times . It’s not logical but then when you switch to away mode the detection is automatically turned on and you will only get notifications then.

@Ley thanks a lot! Year it works in this case.
But! It detected only movements. And I want it to detect only noise…
May be it is not possible…I don’t know.
Can somebody from techsupport explain me?

@Ley what model of your camera?

I am having same issues. Cameras I. Home mode and I am getting push mouth phone every time someone walks in front of it.

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@Kami_Anne is there any update? Appears we’re still struggling with this issue