Home Assistant integration

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What happened to the “Google Home” Integration option? Now only Alexa shows up in the Integrations settings?

Hey @Johnnie thanks for coming to the community forum for assistance. Take a look at this helpful article to get your set up with Google Home


already waiting some months for this.

+1 for this!

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Welcome to the community @Schmiddi! Thanks for the feedback. We are always working to improve the app and experience for our users. Stick around the forum, there is some really helpful tips and tricks from some of our faithful users :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
Another +1 for Home Assistant integration.
Any news on this?

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Another request for Home Assistant integration please. I would really rather not hack the firmware.

I have 7 Yi/Kami camera including 1080p, YI Dome U Pro 2K she Done Guard 1080p.

Is there any progress on this?

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I also second the integration with HomeAssistant

It’s been 4 years from this post and Kami’s promises, and still no integration with anything! There is not even the possibility of planning on home and away mode. We are talking about a paid service!!! Simply ridiculous!

Checking in again, because I would still really like to see this. I don’t really want to flash different firmware into the cameras. I will probably end up replacing them with something else in the next year if there’s no progress. Which would rule me out of the doorbell market too.