Home Assistant integration

It would be great to be able to add Yi camera to HassIO. I already have automation triggered when I leave home and it turn off fan and lights. I’d like to add there option to start monitoring my apartament when I leave it :slight_smile:

Hey @Mistic92 this looks super cool. We love open source software. I’ve added your feedback to my integration request spreadsheet.

Great! Kami cloud is great but not for everyone. I’d like to have Yi camera added to my local HA server but from my parents perspective they will buy subscription:)
There are some unofficial ports to hack your camera but I don’t want to loose option to use mobile app.

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+1 for Home Assistant integration. I have 12 Yi cameras and really love them. The only drawback is the inability to integrate them into HA without flashing custom firmware and loosing access to the Yi mobile and desktop apps, both of which are very good.

Hey DB! Thanks for joining the forum! It’s great to have more people around here that are knowledgeable about the open-source home automation space.

Just to be transparent, I’m pretty sure HomeKit and IFTTT integrations are higher priority for the product team because they are more well-known/mainstream. But I’ll for sure add your vote for Home Assistant to our integration request spreadsheet. :+1:

Yes home automation integration would be great. I use IFTTT to arm and disarm my SimpliSafe. It would be great to be able turn on home and away mode on the cameras as well or else have the option to schedule home and away mode for the cameras.

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Thanks @Pyrozman29! The more people we get requesting these integrations the better the chance they will be implemented faster.

Hey everyone!
+1 for this.

Thanks @Adam :writing_hand:

Hello, any info on this? I bought kami security kit just to use it with my automation because of the zigbee, but it is unusable for me…

I’m looking for compatible cameras to integrate into my HomeAssistant, and yet Hi3518e Chipset is already compatible, it would be great to Yi and Kami cams to be fully compatible with HA.
So my +1 here as well

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@Kami_Mark do you have any update regarding integration? I’d like to trigger alarm mode when I leave area defined in my Home Assistant.

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Hey @Mistic92 Thanks for coming to the community! Good to hear from you.

At this time we do not have an update on timeframe for the Home Kit integration. It’s something we are aiming for eventually.

Thanks for your patience. Hope you’re having a lovely week!

Hi, but question is about Home Assistant not Home Kit.

@Steven_Kami I think they refer to this service


Home automation. There are so many of these around now that I guess it would be tough for Kami to consider them all.

I know I would like Smartthings integration but I work around not having native integration by mimicking devices to play with others.

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ahhh… I c I c. Thank you so much for the assist @YorkshireUser. I see home integration and my brain instinctually fills in “Kit”… And there is a lot of these smart home integrations out there now.

Unfortunately @Mistic92 I dont have much more of an update in regards to this as I did for Home Kit. These integrations and partnerships are on our radar but we do not have a firm plan as of right now to add these to our integration list.

I will make note of this and inquire with my team if there is any update or when they plan on adding this to the pipeline. Either way, I appreciate your patience and I will be in touch on this one. When I have more information, I will update the entire forum.


I’m also interested by an integration into Home Assistant.

Thanks for your feedback! We have plans on constantly improving our user experience. Stay tuned!

Another vote for this one too.


Better yet, an open API so we can just do our own with the many valuable products we have.

On another note, it appears as though my questions and posts to this forum are being deleted. I started a new topic and it never appeared, and I cannot see any of the replies to other questions. Have I been banned for some reason?

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