Google Nest Display Video Stream Delay

Hopefully someone can help

I have 5 Yi cameras mixture of indoor and outdoor. They are signed up to YiCloud services and have the latest firmware

Live streaming via my PC and Mobile whilst connected to my home network works absolutely fine.
Live streaming via my android mobile via the 4G network works find (minor delay)

The problem is my Google Nest Display (connected to home network). I get about a 7 second delay on the live stream which isnt acceptable.

I have rebooted my router, hub, cameras etc

Any ideas on how to fix/reduce this delay

Many thanks

Hello @balbyb sorry to hear about the trouble you are experiencing. Have you tried connecting the phone to the same network where the Google Nest Hub is connected?

yes and this doesn’t resolve the issue

I can stream the YI cam app fine without out any delay via my home network or 4G

The delay is when I am accessing the video stream via my google display

any update on this? Seems pretty pointless intergrating with Google Home if there is going to be a 20 sec delay

I have the same issue: When I say "Show me [Name of Camera], my Google screens start showing the stream, but essentially buffer for the first 10 seconds or so, constantly pausing and showing the player controls. After about 10-15 seconds the picture clears up and becomes steady.

This is with Nest Home Max and a few 6" Google Homes. It also happens on my Google TV Chromecast. I have two Yi outdoor cameras and both do the same. Strong Wifi signal and no issues streaming on other devices.

It seems like it’s specific to Google devices only. I hope Yi is working on improving the experience.

I’m having the same issue, I’m pretty sure the problem is with the way the APIs are communicating through Google Home. Please fix it, thanks.