Firmware update

I was wondering where can I download the latest firmware for YI camera. Actually for the YI 1080P Dome Camera and the YI Outdoor Camera?


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That’s the link to the firmware support page. But why are you wanting / needing refresh firmware? Are you having a technical issue? In addition you can check your latest firmware via the application.


No Im not having issues at all. The only thing I noticed that the last cams I bought has other features then the ones that I had bought before. Thats why I thought maybe I could update the firmware for the latest features.

The new ones have human detection, sound detection and many more. The old ones don’t have these.

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3D view and more

How old are the other cameras? It is unlikely they have the hardware capable of all those other features.

Firmware update won’t fix this. They’re a different/ upgraded version.

I have noticed this too and asked about it