Feedback on my setup

So hi everyone out there.

After installing 2x Kami Outdoor + 1 Yi dome + 1 smart kit. I have some feedback to give to the creator as well as congrating for these amazing products.

-The installation is 8/10 cause USB instead of 220 or 110v cabling, at outdoor units is double trouble.

  • I cannot understand the “priority” the camera gives to human detection if you have set up the region, probably my Kami outdoor is failing as the one at the back of the backyard makes the job really well. (I have a fish pond) and many hoomans been detected…

-After opening or closing, smart kit alerts of device removal, maybe giving a software update to those would help to reduce the duplicated notifications.

  • I cannot understand the point why the Yi dome hasn’t the ability to turn off when home mode, Unlikely it’s not comfy to be enabling/disabling the camera every time I step inside my home.

  • Also why animals are detected as “hoomans” if they stand up, I have also false alarms on my kami related to my cat trying to dominate the world.

Apart from these I really appreciate your work and please keep on this line, I’ve never been fan of security systems and now I see the future on Kami & Yi.

The price tag is 200% on the quality and opening a box is a real deal, my neightbour was together with me on the installation and he has a system which he needs to pay for monthly apart from the hardware… He really got crazy when he saw the price of this system.

Also let me know if the “doorbell” will be far away from the Wi-Fi source will you give any chance to connect a cable to it?

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@amate91 thanks for the feedback! Pet detection is definitely a need and something we are talking about internally on how to accomplish.

I have asked our team about connect a cable to the doorbell. Because it’s outside and most likely will experience water, it is unlikely that that will be a possibility.

Stick around on the forum to learn more. Great questions and thanks for the feedback!