Experience with cloud service. good or bad?

Quite a lot to say, will put it parts. I put it down in details, maybe able to help others, but sure, it helps me down the road.

1st, contrary to some posting posting, support is very good, depends on your expectation. complaint filed via yiiot, response is less then an hour, salute! log into yiiot mobile app>profile>Contact Us>Email Support. Response in email, a person response, not very happy about the 1st response, but, at least it is a response, said faster result if posted in this forum.

subscribed 2 months ago, on presidential discount, 40$ only (missed the valentine discount, also 40$), standard plan, 5 cams for 15 days, loop service. Worked fantastic for 1-3 days, then dead, “Cannot play this video”, “download failed”, nothing worked. cannot see video and cannot download. Thought its new, maybe it will work tomorrow. 3 wks pasted, nothing work.

Filed complaint 3/21, immediate email response, salute! "Cant find your subscription… "
Filed more complaint, every complaints resulted in some improvement. First, able to see video, download remained failed. After more complaints, today, able to see ALL videos, and able to download 4 video from 4 cam, one still not able to download.

My impression, it is a growing industry, they are growing and they are also learning. Give people time. With today support atmosphere, response in less then at hour is an exception. Try contact ebay/paypal, all robots, Try airline industry… I am very happy with their support, both in quality and time to response. Will see how long they can maintain this hi calibre of support. Today, I say wow!

With such a topic, only 5 postings, so I decide to create a new topic. Pls post your experience with their cloud service. For me, I am go and see, it worked wonderful for 2 -3 days, and then mess up the accounts to no service, will post back in a wk or two. Happy clouding!

I have 10 cams up and running, ALL has SD cards in, another story in other posts, subscribed only 5, so far all working and seeing all videoes, but download is only 4 cams, yiiot still working on the last cam.

To change subscribed cams
Initial 5 cams was up; with time, now 10 cams is up, no purpose, just for fun. To change subscribed cam, yiiot>profile>Cloud Settings>Cameras allow you to pick cams, pick the one you want subscription, then save. It would say edit is successful.

There is a whole bunch of options under Alerts menu. Enjoy.

It has been 7 days since reporting the problem, no improvement, still the front camera wont download. complaints made over 5 times, problem remains, screen shot attached to complaint, “download failed” have not hear any response for several days. Pls advice. Problem been going on since 3/20/2023

I also noticed a brown bar on the blue time line. Does anybody know what is that? Picture attached


Problem solved.

problems: cannot play this video and download video failed.

Contact support. After 24 hrs, able to play video. Possible they reset my messed up expiration date. Download video remained fail, for 6 days. Support suggested reset router, remove camera and re-add camera to cloud… Tried them all, none worked

Finally, this worked.
a) delete camera b) re-pair camera. Caution, sometimes camera after delete, would not repair, or not at first try. I sent this info to support.

To arrange order of cam on screen: On the welcome page, right upper corner, the 6 dots icon, click to change it to 3 lines, long press on the cam icon wlll allow arrangement of cam orders. This is convenient if you have more cams on screen, but not all are subscribed. I have 12 cams and 5 cams are subscribed, so I would like to see the subscribed and online cams on a single screen

I’m glade you’re getting good customer support. I just get tired of having to email them so I haven’t. The cameras work OK but most of the time very frustrating. I have more than 10 cameras and my biggest complaint is the live view. I’m running a mesh system at over 200mgb and I get a long delay to bring up my live view. A little animated camera comes up in the middle of the screen and keeps telling me percentages. The percentages increase, then decrease and start again. Not sure what they mean but very frustrating and most of the time I give up on the live view. It doesn’t always happen but I’ve gotten to the point I hardly look at my cameras anymore unless I’m made aware of an incident told to me from another human. Or I want to check on something like a delivery in progress, etc. When I do that I almost never get a live view in time to see them bring up the package.
I’m not real happy but I just have to live with it and hope it gets better.