Error forcing to pay for extra subscription

I logged on to the app a few days ago to check my recorded alerts, and was informed that I couldn’t access them because I didn’t have a cloud subscription. I tried restarting the app multiple times with no change. I ended up having to buy another subscription, and now it is showing me both subscriptions. I don’t need both, and I thought it would be pretty simple to get the new subscription refunded since it was clearly an error from the app that caused this, but customer support has been incredibly unhelpful so far.

Does anyone have any advice on what other steps I can take from here?

Hey cg20! Let us talk about it privately. Let me send you a direct message.

That also happened to me. Two months in a row…What was your outcome??

Hey patty! We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. Let me send you a direct message to rectify the issue.

I am having the same issue having paid it then says I have not subscribed

Hello! I apologized for the inconvenience. Let me send you a direct message to gather more details.

This has also happened to me and has been ongoing for nearly 2 months but no one is helping me. I e sent proof over twice that I’ve paid and subscribed but you are still saying I’ve got no account :woman_shrugging:t3:

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After you subscribe we need to add your camera to the subscription.

Here are the steps to add your camera:
• Launch the App
• Tap Discover
• Click on Cloud Settings
• Under Service, click the “>” icon.
• Select the device from the list then click on Save.

I need to be contacted as well because I’ve experienced the same thing

I need your help pls check your email