eero MESH networks

I have been using Yi home cameras for years. I have gone through quite a few. I have always had problems with certain cameras going offline from time to time and having to be rebooted and sometimes requiring a full reset and reinstall.

I have moved to a new residence and am stuck with the Att fiber router they gave me during the install. It has a wifi that just up and disappears a couple times a day . So I installed an eero mesh with 3 devices and hardwired it to the router.

I configured the mesh with its own SSID so it looks to be completely different network. I have located the mesh devices equally around the house paying attention to locate them near the distant yi cameras are located.

I’ve gone a week now with this configuration and not a single camera has disconnected from the network. I do have a kami doorbell that disconnects but that is a different problem.
I will update as issues arise or things change.

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