E27 wifi 1080p firmware update

Can not find the firmware update for my E27 SYYS290AB 1080p wifi camera anywhere

Hi, we’re sorry to hear that and we would love to take a look at the issue. Please reach out to our customer support team at https://www.kamihome.com/contact.

No thanks Sarah, support is useless thats why ive gone to the community.
Can you arrange 2 new 64gb micro SD cards with up to date firmware for me to buy?

No response to this Sarah?
How hard is it to answer a question…
Can i buy new micro SD cards with new up to date firmware installed?

I think the company died and many folks are trying to cancel their subscription?

i tried to cancel mine but to no avail. we need to reply their cancellation request email but no one has responded and my cards are unable to be removed from their system.

if you guys do not hear from me again, well, dont sign up and dont pay them anything till you hear from me lol.

she is a chat bot…

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