Download video from sd card. PC app

I don’t understand anything. How is it possible that a video recorded on the SD card cannot be downloaded?
Re-recording a video already recorded on the card is a sloppy solution that involves a noticeable loss of quality.
But I also don’t see that option in the PC version of the application. Those videos recorded on the card appear in the timeline but I don’t see the option to download them and, as I say, in the PC version, not even to re-record them, which is a bad solution. It is obvious that the videos are there, but why can’t they be downloaded? This is something very basic.
On the other hand, removing the card from the camera and putting it in a PC reader is another botched solution, since the camera can be on the facade of a house outside. But if it also has a Wi-Fi connection, what’s the point? Even so, I have tried and it turns out that the PC does not recognize that card. It’s as if it were formatted in a way that only the camera understands.
Is this really so or am I wrong?
Is there really no solution for this?
Thank you

This doesn’t seem right. We want to take a closer look at this for you. Please send a note to so we can connect.

i think they fired all their staff and its just chat bots now…“hey this isnt right…click here”