Doorbell UK release news?

Any news on when we can buy the doorbell in the UK?
Also any plans to release a plug in chime to work alongside it?

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Hey @Nij Thanks for checking in! I know everyone is excited about the Kami Doorbell. Let me find out some more information and get back to you on that.

Many thanks for your patience! Hope youre having a lovely day.

Any update on this, my door bell has just died so about to go and buy one. Would rather it all be on the same system than spread across two apps

@Steven_Kami did you manage to find out?

Hello @Nij @SecureSteve We have made some great improvements over the last couple weeks with our doorbell. We want to be sure the UK release is as smooth as possible. Still working on a few things on our end. I don’t have a firm timeline just now but it is a priority.

When I know more, I will be sure to let the forum know.