Doorbell Chime issues

Just installed a Kami doorbell. It is hardwired and connected to a mechanical chime exactly as directed. When you ring the doorbell, it rings 7 times, and again once more randomly about 3-5 minutes later every time you press the ring button. If you access the camera on the app, the chime rings nonstop the entire time you are on it and randomly once more 3-5 minutes later. The transformer is giving off 19 volts, so not the issue either. I have edifies that the firmware is updated and tested the doorbell per troubleshooting emails, and the issue has not been resolved. Any advice?

Hey @TRCARTER Can you update your firmware and give the doorbell another test for me? I am sorry to hear you’re having multiple chimes and a random chime later. That would be annoying. Updating your firmware will help us make next troubleshooting suggestion if this does not resolve the issue.

I confirmed that the firmware is up to date. Does not change the extra chimes or the constant chiming when viewing the camera on the app.

Thanks for your patience @TRCARTER Working with our team here to find out more and do some testing. A few questions/suggestions.

Are you using the chime connector?
Are you using Android or iOS?
Have you contacted our support team yet? Can you send me your ticket number or email address?
Can you send a picture of your doorbell connected to the chime?

One suggestion, disconnect the mechanical chime, see if this resolves the issue.

Hey @TRCARTER Just checking in, how are things going? were you able to get your doorbell chime resolved? let me know how things going when you have a moment, if not resolved, send back the requested info and we will keep digging.