Doorbell camera cannot differentiate between people or other moving objects

I recently purchased a Kami doorbell. I have used other Kami and Yi products, and I am very happy with the brand performance. Now, I added this new Kami doorbell, easy to install, but It seems to be a product in developing process yet. Among other issues, I get alerts related to ‘person detected’. When I look at the video, I see a car pass, or other activities, but not a person.
When a person shows up, by the time I receive the alert, the person is already leaving. I replace the previous doorbell because of the slow response. Any suggestion?

Hey @jpol378624 Thanks for the feedback. We are about to release new models to address these false alarms. They are an improved Person Detection model, Vehicle detection and Animal detection. We expect the roll out to hit the Kami Doorbell in early march. This will GREATLY reduce those false detections and give you even more insight into what’s going on.

For those who already have a Kami Doorbell will there be a software/firmware update to fix the issues with detection or would they need to buy a new updated version?

No need to buy a new updated version. We will be releasing a new app update and firmware shortly to fix any issues with detections on doorbell. We will be rolling out Smart AI detections on the doorbell with a firmware update. This will greatly help