Dome U Pro Recording motion to cloud when Smart Detection settings disabled

Hi, new user user with a Dome U Pro (the black 2k version). Just got it going and subscribed to the basic motion only cloud plan.

However i have a bit of an unexpected issue. I have disabled all smart detection settings (motion & sounds), however if something moves in front of the camera, this motion is uploaded to the cloud regardless.

I had thought this should only happen if i have enabled any of the smart detection settings. Is this not the case? And even with this disabled its correct behaviour for it to upload to the cloud?

Other than this, seems like a great product - the app is far better than a lot of others ive used!

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Hey @sgtstress Great question! Do you have any motion tracking (different than motion detection) settings activated for the camera?

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the app! We are always working to improve our app experience.

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Nope no motion tracking or any motion detection settings enabled.

I had planned to buy a few kami mini cameras for other areas in the house but if they all work in the same way, ie uploading to cloud (and sd card) regardless of motion detection settings, then it would mean manually powering each one off every time i got home (and manually powering them all on again when going out), which seems like a bit of a pain really!

Another thing i have noticed, it will also begin to upload to the cloud, and save to SD, if you manually pan or tilt the camera.

When you manually move the camera that could record to the SD Card / cloud as it could be seen as motion detection. You are changing the view so this would be expected behaviour.

For me because they are AC powered cameras I leave them recording to the SD card all the time. I have tested the internal cameras to motion only and they work perfectly.

Have you got any photos of your set up and what they are viewing. That may help indicate any potential issues.

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Well i guess its more of a query than an issue - ie should they record to cloud / sd card if they see any motion even with motion detection, motion tracking settings switched off. It would appear the answer is yes :stuck_out_tongue: Not too much of a problem as i can just manually turn it off when im home.

The dome is in the lounge, so obviously when my family is home, its uploading near constantly as the lounge is a very used area! It was bought to monitor a new puppy, so im not too concerned with having to switch on/off manually. I just hadnt expected it to upload unless i had motion detection turn on.

My main concern is that if i buy another 4 kami minis, if they do the same, ie upload to cloud even when all motion detection settings are off, then i need a way to easily power them off when im home. I guess the easiest here is a smart plug with smartthings / ifttt for each kami mini.

Best way to prevent this would be to use the setting for the camera - Turn on/off functionality

Yes but manually going into 5 devices and powering them on/off every time i leave or arrive is far from ideal really.