Dome U Pro - Human detection without motion detection?

since one week i own now one YI Dome U Pro 2K.
Since a long time i use some YI Home 2nd 1080 and 3 YI Dome 1080P.
All of them works fine since a long time.
With the YI Dome 1080P i have only one problem: too much alarms with moving curtains or flowers…

So i was happy to see, that there is the new Dome U Pro with human detection.

But after testing it for some days now, i think the human detection from this new camera is
It seems, that the human detection can only be used with the motion detection switched on.
Trying to activate only the human detection doesnt work, because deactivating the motion
detection also deactivates the human detection…

So i still have many alarms from moving objects because of some wind in the room.
I hope, this an issue which can be solved, because like this it is not acceptable.

I use the android App 5.1.4_20211020 and the PC Software
(as discussed since months, there is still no joystick for the movement in the PC Software
and also no access to the Bookmarks).
In both programs i miss an option to sort the list of cameras since the beginning.

Thank you

Hey @Toni Thanks for the feedback! Toggling motion detection on to turn on human/person detection is part of the flow. When you turn on human detection, then, you should only get motion detection when a human is present not just any motion.

What is your alert frequency and sensitivity level? High, medium, or low?
Have you tested any other camera placement options to see if you get the same false positives?