DOESNT work on my 4G data :(

I saw in a few posts a lot of Iphone users not being able to access their cameras without WIFI. It loads up to 30% and shows an error message.

The only solution I found was to switch to 3G.

I have tried a thousand times to turn data on for that app, to check my router, turning phone on/off, deleting/adding cameras again…

None of it working. I don’t even know who to turn for help so I’ve created this account…

Hello. This is a common issue impacting a few people using certain iterations of iOS on 4G data. Me included.

I simply turn off 4G data and use 3G to access the application. For me my speed on 3G is adequate for my needs.

There doesn’t seem to be much of an alternative way around this, other than using a different camera brand or phone brand.

My name is Zoltan, im from Hungary. I have a problem. I use Telenor Hungary Services. In the Kami Home app, it doesn’t work with mobile data ( 3G & 4G). Other sercives -(Vodafone,Telekom) the problem doesn’t occur. In wifi works well. iPhone XS -iOS 15, the Kami Home app is latest version. Is there a solution to this problem?

@Steven_Kami looping you in mate

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Are you receiving any error messages when trying to connect using 3G or 4G? Are you able to try LTE or 5G? What is your phones default?

Thanks for your patience. Any other feedback will be helpful.