Does the Dome U Pro have Navigation Controls on the PC?

Does the Dome U Pro have Navigation Controls on the PC? I have 2 Dome U Pro cameras and have no Control options on the PC. I see that I do on my 1080p and 720p Cameras. Both Dome U Pro cameras are updated to the Latest Firmware.

Hello. My understanding is the Windows app does not. Does your mobile app have the controls?

It has controls for older Cameras not the new Dome U Pro. I can controls on my Android and iOS but I want to open the multi camera view and control them on a Bigger Screen.

Hey @hammerhead13 Thanks for coming to the community for some more information.

Can you send us a screenshot of your app screen for the camera? You should have controls for the camera in your app.

what @hammerhead13 said that he doesn’t have control in pc desktop software to pan and tilt the camera.

Here is a Pic of what I’m referring to. I have 4 Cameras. 2 Dome U Pro, 1 1080p & 1 720p. The Dome U Pro do not have Controls on the “Windows” App. The 720p & 1080p do. I have it set to a 4 cam Grid to see them all on a large Monitor. Can only control 2 Cameras with PC.

So there is no update on software @hammerhead13 until now, yes ?

@Steven_Kami new update maybe ? why new product - getting less function than the old one ?

@Steven_Kami is there product that able to tilt and pan from the pc desktop software ?

Hello @Handri and @hammerhead13 Thanks for sharing the screenshots. I apologize for any inconvenience. They should all have the same functionality as the older cameras. Let me find out more and get back to you all.