Disable sound on shared camera

I shared my camera YI Home Camera 1080p with my family.
But I would like to share only the video. I would not like to share the audio.
Is it possible to disable the sound on a shared camera?

Hey @mateusguenter Great question! If you disable the microphone all together, it will disable the mike for the shared app but, it means you won’t have sound either.

Let me check with our team and get back to you with more information and see if there is any thing we can do on our end.

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Thank you @Steven_Kami!
If it is possible to configure this, it will be so good!
Maybe is possible to create a check box “disable sound” at the shared camera configuration

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Hey @Steven_Kami, do not forget me! :smile:

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I would never! :smiley:

Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, no update today, But I will have something for you be the end of day tomorrow from our team.

Many thanks for your patience! I will be in touch

Hi @Steven_Kami, sorry to bother you with that, but it is important for me.

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no bother what so ever! I am here and very happy to help :slight_smile:

Let me get some time with our Product Manager on this and see what info I can get. I will definitely be sure to share there is a lot of interest on the forum for this and what a timeline for implementation might be and when it can be added to the roadmap.

I’ll be in touch shortly. PM is currently in a meeting but as soon as I have time, I will send what I find out

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Hi, happy new year! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Happy New Year! Wishing you the best :slight_smile:

And about my request? Is there news?

Thanks for your patience. I was hoping for better answer but it doesn’t appear we can disable sound on a shared camera

Can you described to me a little about why you don’t want to share audio? Your use case? The more information I have to bring to our team the better I can recommend app improvements based on community feedback.

Thanks for your patience. Hope you’re enjoying your week!

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ok, I am using the camera in a baby crib, to see my little baby. And I shared it with my family (grandpas and grandmas) because they live in Brazil and I live in Portugal.
But, I would like some “privacy” and for this I would like to disable the sound for a shared camera.
I would like them not to listen to our conversations and I would like them not to use the camera to talk, for example, to not “scare” the baby.

@mateusguenter Let me share this feedback with our team and see what we can do for future improvements.

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