Didn't receive the Kami Wire Free cameras from my pre-order


I purchased a few cameras from kamistore.eu on the 10th of June, in two orders (#1380 and #1381). They included some Kami Wire Free that were supposed to be shipped at the end of june.

I received some cameras, then only one of the 3 Kami wire free that I ordered (the one from the order #1381), but still didn’t get the two other ones from the order #1380.

I sent an email on the 17th of July to the store manager (that contacted me shortly after my initial purchase), without any replies. I tried calling him and the client service on the phone without success.
I sent another email on the 22th and 28th to the client service, without replies either, so I’m turning to this community forum.

Could someone from support reply, and take care of my order to ship me the missing cameras ?!


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Hi Maxime, thank you for joining the forum. Apologies that it had to be under these circumstances. I’m very sorry to hear about this situation with your order and the lack of communication.

I have followed up with the Europe sales team who confirmed that you should have received two Kami Wire-Free Cameras from order #1380. They emailed distributor and hope to hear back soon.

Please be assured that we are working on this and will send you your missing cameras as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Mark, I’m a bit relieved to have a reply from someone working for Yi/Kami.

I did not receive the Wire-free cameras of the first order (only the one from order #1381). If the sales team have a tracking number, if they could send it to me by mail that would be great (I expect that it either went back or was never delivered at all if they did ship it…).

I’ll wait for them then. Thanks again for your help.

Hey Maxime, you’re very welcome. We can certainly provide a new tracking number. We’re still waiting on information from the distributor but I will keep an eye on this for you.

Just to follow up and close the topic on a positive note : I finally received the cameras ! Great :slight_smile:

Hey Maxime! Thank you for letting me know! I’m so glad to hear that. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about the new cameras. Otherwise, enjoy!