Death of the Camera for SD card users?


I got this message today? have Kami finally killed of the SD card users ability to store clips of data? it would explain the gradual demise of the SD card clip storing…

Hello brian!

After years of growing, we are at the point that our systems can no longer support free 6 second video storage for all our users.

If you have been using our app to review your videos, we’re glad to let you know that we have Cloud Plans that support this - and we’re making improvements on a continual basis. Benefits of Cloud plans:

  • See full videos of what you missed in the last 30 days
  • Smart AI detection of human, pets and vehicles
  • Add more devices for a cloud protected home

Still, we know that this is a disruptive change, and we want to help with this transition in any way we can.

To be honest, people that purchased devices based on it having an SD card so they didn’t have to buy a subscription should take YI to the courts and report to trading standards if the ability to view a short clip or full clip on an SD card without any necessary to use the cloud is removed.
It would break trade descriptions act.
I don’t see how me viewing a short clip and the full recording on my SD card in my camera on my property can be stopped by YI.

To be fair, I think you are reading the message incorrectly. It’s says it can no longer store the free 6 seconds on iCloud storage, nothing about SD card storage at all.
Read it again

I also do not believe the notification from YI is impacting SD card storage. However, I hope their change doesn’t impact the motion detection bars that show up in the timeline.

It does seem to affect ALL motion detection as those are stored on their servers as 6 second clips. It’s already disabled on one of my cameras even though it has continuous SD card recording enabled. I’m looking for a different option now.

This is clear bait and switch.

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