Dark Banner on Top of Screen

I thought that a recent update on the app had caused the dark banner on the top of the screen in the live feed, to be now present on the alerts screen but maybe it was there before, maybe it has got darker.

Anyway, as the portrait view is so small, this dark banner has made it smaller and forces the user to go to the landscape picture. It is still there on the landscape view but obviously a little less intrusive. Many of my alerts are events happening in this ‘darkened’ area and I now can’t see them. It gives the idea the camera is ‘false alerting’ when it is not. Tapping the screen to remove the banner doesn’t work in the activity alert, it renders the screen all black and in ‘pause’ even though it doesn’t actually pause the alert, just the view of it. Tapping the screen in portrait view live feed also doesn’t remove the banner it ‘pauses’ the screen for a few seconds.

This all seems a little illogical if the idea of the camera is to view things, it makes the view obscured. The desktop version is much better to view alerts not just down to the size of screen, the screen is perfectly clear of banners and such. Where the phone screen - smaller by nature has a darkened banner across it.

Hello @simmychick
This has been reported to the product development team. A fix should be available soon to address this issue.
Thank you!