Damaged lens on a Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera

Due to the pandemic, for 7 months I was unable to go to the house where I have in the garden, among others, a Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera.

The batteries were naturally exhausted. I loosened the body to remove the batteries and I saw the lens glass strange aspect that can be seen in the photo.

This morning, when I went to put the camera on the stand, the lens glass fell to the floor.

I waited a long time for the camera, after I bought it. I received it less than a year ago. Has the camera warranty? What should I do, please? Thanks.

Hello. I would suggest if it’s not accidental damage to the camera contact the retailer from where you purchased it. I assume it should still be in warranty since you say it is under 12 months old.

Additionally you can contact Kami directly. Of course if you bought from Kami then this is what you’ll need to do anyway.

Your issue with the lens popping out looks hardware and any rectification of this is unlikely to fully weather seal it and since you should be in warranty still you may as well not attempt that.

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I sent Kami an e-Mail. I bought it directly from them.
Thanks for your advice :pray:

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Hey @angelo_lopes thanks for your patience. This has been a wild 15 months or so of COVID.

Work with our support team. If you purchased the camera 7 months ago, you are still within our warranty period and they will assist you in getting a replacement.

Many thanks. Hope all is well!

Hi @Steven_Kami. I thanked you by mail, but I also mislead what you wrote. I did not buy the camera 7 months ago. I did it May 14,2020. Seven months was the period of time that I was unable to go to the house in Spain where I have it, so I only then, saw the problem. I have the receipt of my payment to Yi Technology Germany GmbH. I sent an e-Mail to info_at_kamistore_eu this May 13, they still haven’t responded. Yesterday morning I removed the camera from the stand to take it to Portugal and send it when I receive instructions, and I saw that it is much worse. You can see in the photos. I had found the glass, and fixed it with clear tape without covering the lens to protect the objective. The image was fuzzy but there was something to be seen. This morning I saw that the glass was fogged up.
I will send an email to Fernando Ramos, Marketing Manager EU

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-16 at 11.58.53

Hey @angelo_lopes thanks for clarifying. Let me do some digging and get back to you with more information. Many thanks for your patience.