Controls keep not working

I have a yi dome camera but controls keep not working. I bought another camera but the problem has started again. If I unplug from the mains then connect again it works fine for a few days then the problem begins again. Delighted with the camera apart from this issue, it’s annoying not being able to pan and tilt. Ps I have 3 of these cameras the other 2 work fine

Not had any similar issues with my dome cameras but could the problem be THE LOCATION?
If the camera does not get a good WiFi connection it would be unable to receive the comand to pan and tilt. That would explain why the next one you bought experienced the same problem.

Powering the “faulty” camera off may clear the WiFi errors and the router would let it connect again again, but only just. After a while the number of WiFi errors would build up again until the router blocks the connection.

Try something like WiFi Analyzer on your phone to see what the WiFi reception is like at the location of the rogue camera.

Or just swap the bad camera with a good one and see if the issue goes with the camera or the location.