Continuous record mode with tags on timeline

I recently purchased a continuous recording subscription as sometimes activities outside my house seem to not get recorded or the clip stops before the motion outside has concluded. Mainly there was a fox that’s been hanging around outside each night for the last week which intrigued me.

The issue is unless you enable smart detection it doesn’t show any tags on the timeline to help you navigate to times when there was motion outside, you have to just guess.

And with it enabled I get notifications very often as the motion trigger is quite sensitive due to the angles and distant traffic lights triggering it. What would be useful is a mode where the motion clips are recorded and tagged on the timeline but you don’t get constant notifications, as without tags on the timeline it’s pretty useless unless you somehow know the specific time you are looking for.

So basically I want the motion detection and tagging on timeline but no notifications unless I set away mode. Is this something that is possible in the app?

Another thing that would be nice is better navigation of the timeline, say a small realtime preview as you scrub through like you get on YouTube.


Hey @friedgoldmole Thanks for coming to the forum for more information and giving your feedback. That seems like an incredibly reasonable request and should be an improvement we make. Let me share this with our team to see what we can do. Thank you for the feedback and help to improve the overall experience!

Turn off notifications on your phone, pad or computer or watch, unless you really need them. It sounds like you don’t need any notifications being pushed but want the timeline to include motion detection indicators. Turning them off on your receiving device seems easiest.

Yeah that’s what I’ve done for now but a useful feature would be to have the option to have the motion tags on and notifications off unless you set the app to the away mode, so not needing to dig into the android app settings.

Excellent suggestions and point. It can be a little frustrating scrolling through the timeline. From the app home screen, if you select “Activities” it lists out all your detections. You can toggle for which type of detection and which camera you want it for.

I always block all notifications from the app. With 2 apps, Kami and Yi and 33 cameras you’d be pestered with push notifications. They timelines is tagged then with each motion

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Thats a really good point. The notifications may not be for everyone. Periodically checking your activity log can be a useful way to cut some of the noise.