Connection issues and other things are

I got two cameras but only using one . It is for my driveway and the front of my house . It connected and worked for two nights . But then it moved where in was facing the wall next to my garage door by default. I turned it to face my suv but returned to this position. Now when I sign in to the camera it says that it lost connectivity. But there is no problem with my modem or connectivity. as my TV and all other things like my laptop are working fine. it gets to 71% uploading and then stops and then tells me when it last lost connectivity. It says you have 24 seven support and then you go to the page and it tells you a little to nothing. I’m not impressed with this camera at all and if this isn’t solved now then I will return it. I should’ve bought one off of Amazon. So can anybody help me or give me a phone number to call to talk to these people. Thanks


Apologies for any difficulties you experienced with the setup. We’d be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at

Thank you.