Completely Unreliable Connectivity Lately

Thank you for the update.
We mostly view our cameras on the Windows app. Will this be updated soon as well?

Let me check on this one. What Windows app are you using? Yi or Kami Home?

YI Home app on Windows computers

Our cameras are STILL not working reliably.

While I appreciate the comments here, I’ve not heard anything from YI Home Tech personally via email or direct contact.

Our cameras are NOT consistently recording to the YI Cloud - that we pay for. Nor do they consistently record to the SD cards (which are in good condition).

As of 5pm today (May 1), NONE of our cameras show anything recorded to the cloud or to the SD card. It’s 5pm! Why does most the day go by without recording anything?

We weren’t home today. Two people came to our home at two different times and neither activity was recorded. There is NO RECORD of them being here or taking anything from our front steps, other than me knowing they were going to be here today. What if this had been something I didn’t arrange? Our cameras missed this! And we wouldn’t have known anyone had been here.

This is just unacceptable. I have spent several thousand dollars on these cameras. And they DO NOT WORK reliably! And, there seems to be NO SOLUTION or fix.

I have taken screenshot after screenshot of the 9 cameras displayed on my Windows computer to show the irregularity of how these cameras work - and how often they are down with errors. I’ve offered to send these screenshots to YI Home. At this point, I have no confidence in these cameras whatsoever, nor in this company. I am beyond frustrated.

We have used these cameras for years, and I have recommended them in the past to MANY people. They USED to work, but over the past several years, their reliability has diminished greatly. There MUST be something that is causing this. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’ve posted here in the forum. I’ve contacted YI Home directly. No resolution.

I know I am not alone in these issues - I’ve read many other posts about similar issues. I guess it’s time to cut my losses and move on.

Just so frustrated. I just want WORKING CAMERAS that work for more than 10 minutes at a time without having to constantly be unplugged and replugged. I don’t think that is too much to ask for!

Some things to consider if you haven’t already.

Did you physically remove the SD Cards and use a device to read them and see there wasn’t any recording?

Did problems arise after a camera firmware update?

Have you assigned a static IP to each camera from the router?

Are MAC addresses kept to their original number?

Is anyone else on your network who might be using a fixed non leased address?

Excellent questions @anyone

Can you send me the email address on file for your account @jdm? I can take a deeper look into your account on the backend to see what I can find out. We released an update that was supposed to directly address this connection issue.

Hey! Has the IOS app been updated yet? I just got my camera in the mail yesterday, worked great the entire day and then this morning I started having connectivity issues.

Exact same problem as OP

What error message are you getting? I have the same problem.

Hey @alnoise @mifletz Are you still running into connection issues? A new release for iOS should be pushed in the next day or so.

I ran into this issue myself over the weekend. I unplugged the camera for 30 seconds and reconnected to power and it resolved my issue oddly enough. Give that a try real quick when you have a second @alnoise @mifletz

Most of my problems have cleared up and I suspect my iphone was part of the problem. When I asked my Echo Show 5 to show the cameras usually they come right up. On my Iphone I was getting messages like, trying to establish a secure channel and check your connectivity and very slow connectivity for live view. But after this new IOS 15.5 update most of all of the problems seem to have disappeared. I’m not saying it is perfect and that all of my 13 Yi cameras work flawlessly but at least they work in a tolerable manner and a lot faster. I have always suspected my Iphone and the IOS incompatibility, etc. Also I am wondering if my iphone settings could also be a problem but wouldn’t know how to fix that or what settings I would need to change. All I know is, everything works better.

It seems this is still an unresolved issue. We have 10 cameras that all experience intermittent disconnection. Many fail to connect probably 75% of the time. All are within 20ft of the main router or a mesh node (eero6). iOS android and windows apps all have the same issue. Rebooting router and cameras is a temporary fix. Cameras worked great many years ago when we first got them but have gone way down hill since yi/Kami introduced their cloud service. I’ve slowly started replacing cameras with reolink devices which have been totally reliable. Is it possible to get a refund or replacements for these cameras when they are no longer capable of functioning as cameras? Can we get a real fix for all platforms?