Coming Soon: YI Smart Camera

We are cooking something new at YI Home!
Stay tuned, we’ll update the information soon…
Drop a ‘YES’ in the comment below if you are interested in taking part of the survey!


Yes, we are interested for beta testing.
Best regards

Yes, of course, I’d love to became a tester

Yes, I’m interested for sure.

Yes, new features may be very cool… let’s see.

Yes would love to see the new features

hello I am interested

I would love to become a Beta Hardware tester.

YES I own a number of YI products and would love to learn about anything new.

Yes, love your products and a technology junkie. Always wanting to add and try out new electronics.

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Me too,love all every kind of smart devices.

Happy to add my name for testing.
Already have 3 YI cameras so a Smart Camera would be great to add.

Yes. Please add me to the beta testing.

Yes, please add me to the beta testing.

yes! Да, пожалуйста, добавьте меня в бета-тестирование.

Yes, please add me to the beta testing.

Yes please…!!!

Yes please. I have three of your cameras and am looking for updates and innovations in them.

Yes. I am always interested in testing Yi products as I am a fan and recommend Yi to friends and family…so far

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