Cloud service not working photo

Here is my screenshot shows my service and I have auto renew on. No cloud service is working. App updated. Camera cloud was working around 1am but not now

You would be best contacting customer services

Thank you but this seems to be a periodic issue with them. My cloud service is fully active but no longer working. Forum is always the best way to get through to them. I doubt it’s just my issue

Here is where it shows the error. No cloud service at all

Hey @Cmoh330 Thanks for coming to the community for more information. Can you go to, login with your app credentials and make sure your cameras are synced to your cloud account. Restart the app, and test to make sure all is working.

Keep us posted on how things go. Hope all is well!

Hey @Cmoh330 How’s it going? Able to get this back on track? Any other feedback you can share? Hope you’re having a great week!

Yes finally connected. The new update though half the time it says video playback not available even though it’s enabled. New update makes it hard to change from HD to SD. Not a huge fan. Previous version was much easier to use and consistent

Thanks for the feedback. We are continuing to work on the app in order to make using it as easy as possible while maximizing your security. Thanks for participating in the community forum. We hope to see you around more :wink:

My playback isn’t working! I reset the camera! I went to the website you listed and it shows my subscriptions. I am not sure how to syncs the cameras from the website?! Everytime I try to do playback on the timeline it says “ no videos recorded “ please help. My account is paid and up to date on that end

Hey @Leelee7177 Let me send you a direct message to grab some information from you so we can do a little digging. Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

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