Cloud Playback not working - please help!

Dear Yi Home Team,

I have an active YI Home cloud subscription and could watch playback videos until recently. I am using my YI Home camera for the supervision of a sick pet, so these videos are important to me. Recently, I cannot access any videos in the cloud - I can see the coloured snippets indicating footage on the timeline, yet the app will just keep loading for a while until it will report “No videos uploaded today”. Can you please help me with this issue? I need to get this camera working as soon as possible.

Hi @floschne I am sorry to hear your’e having troubles with your cloud subscription.

Can you log in to your account at using your app credentials? Select orders, then manage cameras. Make sure your camera is paired to your cloud account.

What is the version of your phone app?
Are you on Android or iOS?
What region are you located?

Thank you for your patience. I look forward to your response.

Hello, I am Having the same issue with playback on my laptop and on my android phone. I have two cameras with SD cards. I can see the 6 seconds but then it says no more videos when I click see he rest. Is there a solution?

Hey @danygrbh Thanks for coming to the community for assistance. Please refer to this forum thread in regards to changes in the app.:

please stop posting links that dont exist…

The link works fine… Please search in the forum “Most recent update” and you will find the same article. Make sure you’re logged into the forum when you click the link. Sometimes, when it opens up in a new window, you aren’t logged in. So, you can’t see the link.

Steve - this is what I get when I hit the Link - you can see I am logged in?

Same problem here. I can only see 6 sec. No cloud. I pay for it and want to be able to see my elderly mother and if things are on/off open/closed. But I can’t see the cloud. Logged in online still nothing. Help. 4 yi indoor cameras

Hey, @Tiny2nz Have you reached out to our support team yet? They are available to help get your subscription on track. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.