Change SSID on outdoor cam

Anyone know how I can change the SSID on the camera to a different network without resetting? I can’t see an option to change in the app


Hi @yiout there isn’t an option. The best thing to do in this situation is to delete the cameras from the app first. Then reset and re-pair with the new WiFi name and password.

thanks - painful as have to climb a ladder to the top of the house to reset them. I’ve done it now though. Most annoying is the screws drop out really easily and I’ve lost them. What size screws are they that hold the reset/sdcard plate in place? I’ve used electricians tape for now but need to buy replacement screws.

Oh, gosh. I’m sorry about that. That sounds very frustrating. What camera model do you have? I’ll have to check with my team about this.

I have two of the Yi outdoor 1080p cameras. The tiny screws that hold the card cover in place. If you can tell me the size I’ll have a look to see if I can find some

@yiout this is the size you will need :+1:

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So are they m1 ? Or m1.7 ? Thanks. I’m guessing they are 3.5mm long?

M1 I believe. And yes, 3.5 looks right.

Be sure to check the box. Both Yi and kami have a spare set of screws in the inner white box . They’re in a compartment of their own in a little plastic bag

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Thanks @Brian that’s super helpful.

You shouldn’t have to reset the camera.
Delete it from the app.
Make sure the phone or device you are using to pair with is logged into the correct WIFI.
Add the camera and pair as normal.

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This, change the Wifi, will be a good feature… in my opinion should be in a backlog of the dev team.



Agreed @Juarezpj!

I checked - these are M1.7 and 3.5mm long. I managed to get some which were 4mm long and they fit.

@yiout thank you so much for letting me know! Hopefully you don’t have to get up on the roof again any time soon.