Can't watch back

Since a few months, I can’t watch anything back on my yi Dome.
I haven’t got an Icloud account, and first I thought this was the problem, but I’ve read that it must be possible to watch the videos back.
When I choose a time to watch back, the time turns automatically to live watching.
There’s a 10gb SD card in it, which I have formatted from the app and from the laptop, but the app keeps saying free; 0,5G, Total 14,8G. The newest software is installed.
The phone I’m using is a Samsung galaxy s10 and an IPhone 12 mini/IPad.
Today resetted the camera and installed it again, but the problem stays, so I can only watch live?
Looking forward for some tips :wink:
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Not sure if it relates directly to the following but it sounds to. Although it’s usually only iOS that suffer

Try IOS APP ALERT FUNCTION | Alert - Playing ‘Complete clip’ Issue (clip does not play when pressed)

Also you could try to format the card whilst in the camera.

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I’ve done all these things, but it doesn’t record anymore, while the SD card in good condition is, also when I use it in my laptop.
The dome is useless now :frowning:
I wonder of the latest update is the reason why it doesn’t work anymore by me and a lot of other people in here??

Have you tried to format it whilst in the camera? Have you tried another SD card in the camera?

I have a good number of Yi cards all recording to SD cards (good quality cards) without issue.

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I’ve formatted it in the camera and in the laptop. It says it’s empty.
I’ve tried another one, but that doesn’t appear in the list as sd card. Probably it can’t be found.
I gotta go to the store to buy a new one. Can you recommend me a card for a dome camera?

Hey @Tony_C Here is the specs for the recommended SD card. As long as you make sure your card as the listed specs. All will be good.

Others on the forum might have some recommendations for you.

Whats the forum favorite SD card manufacturers?

I use Sandisk the version made specifically for security cameras/dashcams.

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Thanks, I’m gonna buy one soon!

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