Cant use rtsp with my yi home camera

I recently i bought a yi home 1080 camera,which I was going to use to stream my 3d printer, and I have seen that the rtsp protocol of the cameras is disabled, how can I activate it or stream my printer without that protocol?

I believe there is a way and tech support have the file - you put a small onvif.bin file on the tf card then boot the camera - it then reads the onvif file and sets a parameter within the firmware and from then on when you reboot the camera it will stream onvif with rtsp activated - so far I havent been able to get the file from them - I did get one from another company but it doesnt work with Yi cams but works with most other cams that are locked.

Hey @alexramsal Let me inquire with our tech support if this is intact an option and I will get back to you.

Thanks for the patience.