Cannot Update my Yi Home Camera

Hello can you help me, my yi home camera cannot update to newest firmware? Can you help how to update it?

Hello @fabianto03!
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I see that you are trying to download or check if your firmware is up to date?
Did the app asked you to perform a firmware update? If not, why were you trying to update the firmware? Nowadays, firmware updates are provided by the app. If there’s a firmware update available for your camera you will be prompted to install the update.
Manual firmware update is no longer possible since there’s no more firmware files to download from the website. If you’re having trouble with the camera itself, I’d suggest contacting the support team by sending them an email at
Hope this helps!

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Hello Alvin,

Nice to meet you.

Yes i have notification for update, but when im updating is always error.

I want to update to firmware because my other camera have that firmware right now, can you help me?

Hi @fabianto03,
Sorry I wasn’t able to reply in a timely manner. But I won’t be able to help you update the firmware manually. As I mentioned in my initial response, the files are no longer available to download and I do not own a personal copy of those files.
It is best to check with the support team what other option you can go for. Here’s the support email address:

Hi, did you get it? I’m facing the same problem.