Cannot start Kami wire-free outdoor camera

Hi, I have just recieved Kami Wire-free outdoor camera. After fully charged batteries installed, operating button pressed, the camera blinks blue light for 2-3 minutes, then stops. No Waiting for connection words, it says nothing at all. I need for help how to make it work.
The video illustrating is



@vadrou I apologize that your camera did not setup or reset properly. I found the ticket you created when you emailed our customer support. I will further address this matter in that ticket.

@vadrou we should get this fixed, may be a faulty camera sorry about this, @Patrick we need to resolve this at the earliest, seems like this may be in Russia even if it means we need to ship internationally from USA we should do this replacement camera by FEDEX

The seller requires me to send the faulty camera to the transport camera before new one will be send to me. Is it possible to arrange delivery new camera and return the faulty at once?

@vadrou I have emailed you regarding this matter. Please check your email. I can further address any questions or concerns there.

Ok, but I have got no email except one saying “our team has responded through email about the return.”

Hey Vadim, I can see the reply on our end. Please search for ticket #437150 in your email. You should have an email from Chen. Perhaps check your spam folder just in case. Please let me know if you can’t find it.

I got message from Chen dated July 1, where he asked for order number to check some details. I replied on July 3, first time with the number in text, second time with the order screenshot. No replies since then. Sure I check spam folder.
What is the current state of the case?

Hi Vadim, I just looked into this for you (ticket #437150).

Chen replied earlier this morning, but please disregard the part where he says ‘you can open a dispute for that order.’ This should not have been for you. I informed the correct department so they can take action and they will process a refund for you within the Aliexpress platform. Apologies for the delay!

Ok, should I expect that the department will contact me?

Might be a good idea to reply to the email chain and request confirmation.

Might be a good idea to hire a person who will fix company faults quickly? Or is it normally to produce a faulty good, to sell it and do nothing more? The company does not look a customer oriented.

Hey Vadim, I apologize for my last message. I’ve requested that our Technical Support Manager Samuel follow up about this.