Cannot reset or pair 1080p cameras

What the title says.

Pushing in the reset button for any length of time, power cycling, cussing loudly, nothing seems to work. I have 2 brand new cameras that are effected by this. I set them up several weeks ago and had wifi issues that have been resolved, now I cannot get either of them to move past whatever initialization stage they do. The yellow light never goes off, and attempting reset via the button on the back does no good.

I have 11 other cameras of the same model that have no issues.

Can someone help?

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Hey @texmedic49 That sounds frustrating. I am sorry to hear you have had troubles with 2 of your cameras.

1 question… Have you deleted the cameras from your account when you reset the camera?

I’m guessing bad firmware update. Mine had bricked itself in the last week or so. All 720p cameras are fine.