Cannot connect to wifi - wire-free outdoor camera

After setting up and using the Kami wire-free outdoor camera for two weeks the device is no longer able to pair with my home wifi. I have restarted the device, restarted the network but still no luck. When configuring it is able to scan the barcode, tap next and continually says “waiting to connect” before timing out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


@jlw12 I apologize that your camera is no longer able to connect to your WiFi. The Kami Wire-Free Outdoor camera should stay connected to the network it was originally paired with. Make sure the app is up to date. Did you reset the camera through the operation button or the reset hole? If you only used the operation button, please use the reset pin or a paper clip to reset the camera. Remove the cover and hold the reset button down for 3-5 seconds until the camera resets. Move the camera next to the Wi-Fi router. Make sure your phone is connected to the 2.4GHz network when pairing the camera in the app. Proceed with the pairing process.

Unfortunately no luck pairing the camera after multiple attempts. I did open the device and used a paper clip to reset through the small pin hole. Received message “reset successful”. I also confirmed my phone was connected to the 2.4 GHz network. Barcode scan was successful but after about 30 seconds the camera continually says “waiting to connect” and finally times out. I downloaded the Kami App from Google Play Store. Does the camera have to update firmware or any other recommended actions before I return the product?


@jlw12 Based on the information you have provided, there may be an internal issue with the camera. Please contact our customer support at to further address this matter.

Kami tend to be slower to connect than Yi.

It says in the instructions, which I don’t realise l, but ensure the camera is about 20cm from the phone, and hold the camera and phone level, not pointing down at the phone. I’ve found this speeds up the connection with Kami outdoor

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