cannot connect on my PC

I have an android. I connected to 2 cameras with a FaceBook account.
No problem.
Now I downloaded your PC application.
I expect to connect to the application with FaceBook and see my 2 cameras.
I cannot connect. The PC says loading and that is. Stack. No action. Nothing.

Hello @limelect, sorry to hear about the issue with the application not letting you log in using Facebook. The PC application has been updated, please try to download the application through this link

This application does not have FaceBook so the problem stays.
On my phone, I logged with FaceBook and I expect to GET my 2 cameras
Otherwise, I have to reset it. which I prefer not to do it.

Ok for the problems.
1.Now have 2 applications.
2. For test reset one camera.
3. Open new account with the company.
4. Pc program open.
5 Enter password for WiFi and account . NOT with FaceBook.
6. Did NOT succeed paring on both programs.
7. I have a Lenovo w540 .Window 7
8. Got back to my phone pairing OK
9. see camera on my phone.
10. Got back to pc programs.
11. Enter account.

I am expecting to CONNECT BOTH phone AND PC
Not only one of them !!!
If i pair on the PC ( which i did not succeed ) i will not have it on my phone
I expect on my account to have 2 cameras