Can the firmware update be removed?

I previously posted about this problem and it still persists. I have four cameras that I use for security around my home. I rely on movement within the ‘Activity Detection Zone’ to notify me when someone or something is present within those zones. In reality, I only care about those specific zones which I have indicated for each camera through the app.

Since the most recent firmware update the cameras no longer detect anything within those zones. No notifications, no recordings, no thumbnail images, nothing. For example, I have a camera in a front window with the ‘Activity Detection Zone’ selected to cover the walkway to my front door, the front porch and door. Before the firmware update, anyone walking up there would trigger a notification and a video would be saved. Now, it detects nothing of any kind. It will notify me of a car passing on the street, but you can pull into my driveway, walk up to my front door, steal a package and walk away, without any indication through the cameras.

These cameras have worked perfectly for years but this latest firmware update has basically made them useless to me. Is there any way to rollback or remove the firmware update?

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Thank you.