Can I view Live video without a subscription?

I have the YI Dome Camera 1080p and would like to know if I have to have a subscription in order to view live video. I am only using this to monitor my dog while I am at work and do not need recorded video.

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Hi Jfackler,

You don’t need a subscription to view your camera’s live feed. You can access the desired feed by opening the YI Home App and selecting your paired camera.

However, if you eventually want to have access to features such as CVR (continuous video recording), you can look into our cloud service plans.

I hope this helped.


Thank you. I appreciate the quick reply.

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Just purchased CVR plan but does not record just 6!seconds of motion ! Any ideas ?

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Hi @Cowboy398 It sounds to me like you haven’t added the camera to your cloud service… please follow the steps below to do that.

If you’re still having trouble please reach out to our customer support via email at