Cameras turning off on their own again. Motion alerts not working.

The cameras continue to turn themselves off on their own. I now receive no motion alerts for hours on end even though I live off a busy road and use to receive 50 alerts/hour. Please fix this. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Yi app almost daily hoping an update has fixed this issue. Please fix this.

Also, when the cameras are in the “off” setting I’m actively watching a smooth live stream on my PC Yi app yet the camera is set to “off” when I enter camera settings on my phone. The update may have fixed some issues for others, but this motion alert and on/off issue persists.

Hey @broach1804 Can you confirm your app version? And, this may seem silly, but is there possibly a schedule set? (just need to confirm)

No schedule is set.
App version: 5.1.1_20210929

2 of 6 cameras continue to turn themselves off on their own. I switch back to the on position in settings and the next day they’re off again. While in the off position a continuous video feed is viewable on the PC and phone app. There’s something very buggy going on here. Motion alerts continue to be problematic rarely working correctly. 1 camera continues to report alerts all night long then it stops reporting alerts every morning between 6am and 9am. There is no schedule setup. It does it on it’s own. Every minute of the night is uploaded to the cloud so there is no connection issue that’s occurring otherwise the video feed would not be stored on the cloud.

Hey @broach1804 Im sorry to hear this is been such an issue. Can you email me some of the false alert video clips? Please email I will share the clips with our team here and go from there.

I’m not receiving false alerts. I’m not receiving motion alerts. This has been all jacked up since the last sotware update. I have never had any problem receiving motion alerts prior to this disastrous update. It’s unfortunate because I like many others have canceled our cloud subscriptions as a result of this buggy update. Why pay for a product that doesn’t work over a ridiculous software update that wasn’t properly tested before it was forced on all Yi camera users? It’s a dilly of a pickle Yi has gotten themselves into here. They developed the app update to increase cloud subscriptions and it’s only resulting in more users losing confidence in the product resulting in an avalanche of subscription cancellations. It’s mystifying why Yi thinks plowing forward with this debacle of an update makes more operational sense than reverting to the old firmware that actually functioned. Steve, any idea why Yi isn’t reverting to the old firmware until the software issues are resolved or are we all just playing guinea pigs here for the IT team?