Cameras recording every 7-8 minutes without activity

Hi all. Am hoping someone can help. I have two Yi cameras (Home Camera and 1080p Home Camera) - while in night mode the cameras record video at 7-8 minute intervals, even when there has been no motion. This continues all night. The recordings show what I describe as a blink where the night light flashes a second into the video. Same issue is not present when cameras are in a lit room.

To remedy the issue I’ve tried turning the cameras off and turning them back on via the app while lights are off, moving the cameras closer and further away from objects, cleaning the lenses and making the detection zone smaller and adjusting the sensitivity. Both cameras alare using the latest firmware. I would really like to resubscribe to Cloud and start using the cameras again.

Thank you for reading.

Hi @smithprb,

Thanks for joining the forum. At a guess, I would say that the issue is most likely caused by light reflecting off the wood floor and setting off the camera. Possibly a car headlight or something similar. Is there any light from passing cars on the street that can be seen from that location?

I’ll check with the team and see if anyone has any other theories as to the cause.

Hi Mark. Thanks for your prompt response.

The cameras are located at the back of the house where there is no external light to set them off. The glossy floors had crossed my mind but the issue still persists even when when positioned in the cellar where there are no shiny surfaces. Thanks.

Sorry for asking a side question, as I am still researching to buy a Yi…

In the video recordings from Yi cameras, is there a box that shows where the camera saw motion?

The example below shows the green box around the falling snow motion as detected by the camera…

Hey @smithprb thanks for the extra info and for doing that test! Please email our customer support team with this ticket number (Ticket ‭#435719‬). Please provide them all this information that you’ve provided here and they will help you get this problem resolved.


@ctny If you are looking for an outdoor camera that offers a feature that only picks up motion activity in a specified area, I recommend the Kami Outdoor (wired) camera. The feature is called Activity Zone. We offer an indoor camera called YI Home 3 that also offers Activity Zone.

If there are insects flying, maybe a blinking led on a battery charger, or any small motion that changes in the view of the camera it will pick that up as motion on these cameras. I have upgraded to Yi/Kami cameras with AI to avoid this issue in these areas.

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Thanks for the great suggestions @Pyrozman29

@Kami_Mark All from experience having Yi cameras for a few years. I had one in a room with my router and it picked up the blinking light. My solution was to move the activity zone until I upgraded to AI technology. Every camera but one has been upgraded to the Home Camera 3 or Kami outdoor with starlight, which is amazing. Was going to get the 3 for my front entry but holding out for a beta or purchase of the doorbell camera.

Thanks @Pyrozman29 you’re right, the AI technology is really great and getting better all the time.

Sorry I wasn’t clear… I am looking for a camera that will put a colored box around the motion it detected in the real time feed and on the recordings, with this “motion outlining” feature, I don’t have to guess what motion triggered the recording.

For example, in Wyze cam, if a person is walking towards the camera, the camera will put a green box around the person’s shape, and the box gets bigger as the person walks closer and the shape gets bigger.

This is helpful, since sometimes I don’t understand where is the motion in motion-triggered recordings, then “motion outlining” can show a bug flied across the bottom.

As I am looking to move away from Wyze, is there a Yi camera that offers this feature?


Unfortunately, we don’t have a feature that puts a box around an object using motion detection in real-time (live mode) or in recordings. Our Activity Zone feature only creates a box to preview where you can set motion activity to trigger but is not shown in real-time or in recordings.

Hallo. I have the same issue with my camera.
See the clip:

During night it always record every about 5 minutes. How did you solve the issue? Let me know please.


@sparatrapp Try facing the camera away from the any reflective surfaces. I can see there is a small window on the door. At night, the IR lights on the camera can reflect off the window and cause the camera to falsly trigger motion activity. If there is a sufficient amount of light at night in the home, you can disable the night vision IR light feature on the camera to try and reduce any false alerts being triggered. From the app home screen, click on the hexagon symbol inside your camera thumbnail. In camera settings, click the green toggle switch next “Night Vision IR Light”, to disable. If your camera has “Activity Zone” you can position this feature to only detect motion within a designated area of the camera view. To verify if your camera supports this feature, click on the hexagon symbol inside your camera thumbnail. In Settings, click on settings under smart detection. If supported, Activity Zone will be listed.

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I am also having the same symptoms, the flickering Of light during night time causing notifications every 8 minutes.
I was hoping to use this as a baby monitor but its not look likely unless there is a fix!
Any ideas?

My camera has no reflective surfaces on show and is on the back of house!

Hi @Ian6800, thanks for joining the forum. Can you please place the camera in another location for a time period and see if you have the same issue? Or perhaps you could share a clip of the flickering you’re seeing?

I will try and relocate the camera tonight and give feedback tomorrow.
I was unable to upload a video from the camera to this site from my phone as it will only allow pictures

Hey Ian if you upload the clip to Streamable and then paste the share link into the thread we will be able to see the clip. Thanks!

Moved the camera last night and still having the same problem with flickering