Camera update removed sd card recording from app

Hi all,
I have 2 to home 1080p dome cameras, never had any issues with them up until now, today I’ve returned home and it appears the cameras have updated (the blue status light was on and I had it turned off in settings) on opening the app I had to reconnect them, the process went smoothly enough, but now I’ve lost sd card recording functionality. No option for it in the camera view, just show the cloud symbol, no option in settings for storage so I couldn’t re format the cards if I wanted it. Any tips please.

Please try to remove the SD card from the camera, unplug the camera from the outlet and then insert the SD card again. And then plug the camera back into the power outlet and check if the camera can now read the SD card. If you need further help, please contact the support team at

Thank you.

I have about 13 cameras and this just happened to one of mine. I took the SD card out and reinserted it and it started working but than quite again. I took the SD card out again and checked it on my computer, found out the SD card was no longer any good. It was a cheaper brand so now I’m always using a good brand like SanDisk.

Hi, Ken! Sorry for the inconvenience, but the SD recording is now a paid feature for our Cloud Service. You can get this for $49.99/month per camera.

This is what Amazon has in their description of the camera. “ * Includes YI cloud free trial - provide the most efficient compression and the highest protection of data to ensure all your videos are safe and protected, avoiding the risk of losing footage from a SD card”. I have a couple of cameras that still get SD card info and they are not on the plan. One SD card camera doesn’t show the SD info and that one is not on the plan so I will check that out and see if the card is bad or needs reseting. I will never be able to afford $50 a camera but that is only if you have one camera. I can handle the 5 camera standard bundle which is $99.00 for a 15 day history for $99.00 a year. The $49.99/yr is for one camera, much cheaper to get the 5 camera bundle. I still think you may have an SD card problem because mine still work although I only have a couple that aren’t on the plan.
PS I know nothing about the dome cameras, mine are all just fixed outdoor or baby type monitors.

If you feel you have been wronged, please contact and file a consumer complaint.

I’ve considered reporting them previously because when I first got the cameras all these new restrictions didn’t exist and I had no need for the cloud plan. Right now I’m tolerating them taking features away from me since they have improved what they offer with the cloud plan and added features so I bought two 5 camera subcriptions. If they start charging too much in the future I will look for alternatives. Somehow they don’t seem to be afraid of the FTC.

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Well, first contact them through the, they will have someone contact higher-ups directly. If that doesn’t work, go to and file a complaint.

We just wanted to let you know that’s not true, users can still use SD cards on their cameras. They just need to make sure it is supported.
Here’s a link to a list of cameras with their supported SD Cards:

Thank you.

That’s what I thought, my SD cards are still working on my 2 cameras that aren’t subscribed to the cloud. Another camera I have must have something wrong with the SD card and I may replace it with a high end 64 gig card. Otherwise my 10 cameras that are subscribed are working the same way when accessing the SD card.

They are already charging too much. If you knew the price it used to be for their paid subscription, you’d know why so many are upset. Their prices are skyrocketing. No one is paying those prices so they are taking away features with every update. We were told when we bought these cameras that they would no force us to pay for services as all their cameras started out as SD Card only and the “cloud” was only for their alert clips. My how things have changed. I updated to the 3.6.1 a couple days ago and I no longer receive alerts when something large is moving in my driveway like I did before the update. I get alerts to bugs, tree shadows from the wind, and car lights in the road despite having an activity zone set up to ignore the street. Now “person” detection is a paid service. Ok…but I still have motion detection according to the app and isn’t a PERSON walking up my driveway a motion? So why no alerts??? My husband was out in the driveway several times today working on the lawn and my son came into the garage over 7 times and not one of those “motions” sent an alert. Those “motions” alerted me just a few days ago. My cameras are now useless for security purposes Someone can come into our home and the camera wouldn’t let me know. No settings have been changed. I’m behind angry right now.

New alert settings page: